Guest Accommodations

The Hilton Gardens
905 E Hawkins Pkwy, Longview, TX 75605, USA
(903) 212-3000

Use the link above to book with the wedding block directly!

The Holiday Inn
300 Tuttle Cir, Longview, TX 75605
(903) 663-6464
Travel and Transportation

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
2400 Aviation Dr, DFW Airport, TX 75261, USA

Dallas airports will have the most variety for flight times. However, you would need to allow for about 3 hours extra travel time to get from Dallas to Longview, Texas. Below are some options for how to get from Dallas to Longview. ***Uber is available in Longview for you to get around during the weekend. to get from the train station to hotel (~5 miles) and

- Rent a car and Drive. It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive from DFW to the Hilton Garden Inn in Longview. This option will also give you return transportation to the airport at the end of the weekend.

- Train. You can take an Uber/Lyft to Union Station from the Dallas airport (~30 minutes) and then take an Amtrak Train to Longview, Texas. Train cost is about $20. However, there is only one train departure time on Friday from Dallas to Longview, 3:40pm - 6:15pm. Once you arrive at the Longview Train Station, you can Uber to the hotel (~5 miles). There is also only one train departure time on Sunday for you to return to Dallas by train, 8:28am - 11:30am.

Dallas Train Departure Time: 3:40pm - 6:15pm

Longview Bus Departure Time: 8:28am - 11:30am

- Bus. There is a greyhound bus that has 3 departure times on Friday from Dallas to Longview. You will need to take an Uber/Lyft to the Dallas Greyhound Station (205 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75202) which is about 30 minutes away (20 miles). Once you arrive in Longview, you can use Uber to get to your hotel (5 miles). There are only three departure times for the return trip on Sunday by bus. I have listed the departure times below.

Dallas Bus Departure Times: 12:40pm - 3:33pm (2h 53 min) | 4:45pm- 8:08pm (3h 23 min) | 7:45pm - 11:08pm (3h 23 min)

Longview Bus Departure Times: 8:20am - 11:25am (3h 5 min) | 1:45pm - 5:05pm (3h 2o min) | 7:55pm- 10:45pm (2h 50).

Shreveport Regional Airport
5103 Hollywood Ave Suite 300, Shreveport, LA 71109, USA

The Shreveport Airport (Louisiana) is 1 hour (58 miles) from the Hilton Garden Inn in Longview. You can rent a car, or there are many bus options throughout the day via Amtrak and Greyhound. If taking the bus, you would first need to Uber from the Shreveport airport to the Shreveport Bus station (6 miles, 1237 Murphy St). The bus trip is 1 hour long, and arrives at the Longview Bus Station, which is 5 miles from the hotel. For your return trip, there are 4 return times to get back to Shreveport on Sunday. I have listed them below.

Shreveport Departure Times: Many throughout the day. Visit Amtrak, Greyhound website and look for routes from the Shreveport Bus Station to the Longview Bus Station.

Longview Departure Times: 10:45-12:06pm (1h 21 min) | 11:30-12:51 (1h 21 min) | 3:10-4:31pm (1h 21 min) | 7:45-9:06 (1h 21 min).

East Texas Regional Airport
269 Terminal Circle, Longview, TX 75603, USA

The Longview Airport is only 20 minutes (13 miles) from the Hilton Garden Inn. However, you'll likely connect through Dallas. There is probably less variety for flight times. But, you can easily use Uber during the weekend without needing a rental car.

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport
700 Skyway Blvd, Tyler, TX 75704, USA

The Tyler Airport is a little bigger than the East Texas Regional Airport (Longview), and is 5o minutes from the Hilton Garden Inn. They may have additional flight times, and you can Uber or rent a car to get from the airport to Longview. There are also greyhound bus options from the Tyler Bus Station to the Longview Bus Station (56 minutes). The Longview Bus Station is about 5 minutes from the Hilton Garden Inn.